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Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)


We understand that going through a divorce is one of the most difficult issues that you can go through.  Decisions you make during this process can have a lasting impact on your family, your assets, and your finances.  Our office handles everything from simple uncontested dissolutions to contentious divorce litigation matters involving Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Property Division.  We will work tirelessly to protect your rights and ensure that all agreements, property divisions, and custody arrangements are fair to you and your children.

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Spousal and Child Support


Our office has substantial experience handling a wide range of spousal and child support matters.  Spousal support may be ordered to be paid by either party (supporting spouse) to the other party (supported spouse) and the amount is largely dependent on both parties’ income as well as other factors such as the length of the marriage and the marital standard of living.

Child support is determined based according to Florida statewide guidelines, and generally lasts until the age of 18.  Child support is largely calculated based on both parties’ income, the custodial timeshare of the parties’ children, and other factors. The parents can also agree on a different amount not based on the guideline; the court will generally approve if the agreement is in the best interests of the children.

At The Law Office of Donna G. Goldman, we are experienced in obtaining favorable support amounts for our clients whether they are the supported party or the supporting party.

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Custody and Visitation


When a marriage that has produced children ends in divorce, determining custody arrangements can prove to be one of the most emotionally difficult and contentious obstacles to achieving a resolution.  In a divorce, two separate types of custody must be determined:

Physical custody refers to which parent the child actually lives with and when.

  • Legal custody refers to which parent retains the right and responsibility to make educational, medical, and religious decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.

Although sole custody may be granted when it is in the best interest of the child, all custody decisions start out in favor of some form of joint custody.  In these cases, a visitation plan will outline how the parents will share custody.

At The Law Offices of Donna G. Goldman, we assist clients with both simple and complex custody and visitation matters, including “move-away” cases, where one parent wants to relocate outside of Florida, or even outside the country.

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Mediation is a chance for marital partners to reach agreement on all matters of importance in a divorce, without resorting to the courts for resolution. Important issues such as child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, child support, the division of property, and financial matters can be addressed and resolved. With experienced mediation, a legally binding divorce agreement  can be worked out. 

We are trained in mediation services and have made them part of our established practice. On a practical level, mediation is far less costly than divorce litigation. It allows the persons involved to keep control of the divorce process. How the issues are resolved and what is said in mediation can remain confidential and many couples prefer to keep their divorce matters private. Divorce can become a highly charged emotional affair. Mediation provides an environment in which spouses can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for their lives and those of their children.

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Post Divorce Support

Post-Divorce Support Attorney

lawyer divorce and family law Sunrise Weston A divorcing couple will have many decisions to make when working out a settlement, including child custody and support if there are any children, as well as property division. Post-divorce support can also be an issue requiring an agreement or, if there is a dispute, a court order. One of the main purposes of support is to help the spouse receiving the support to maintain the same standard of living that occurred during the marriage. It is also used to give a spouse time to become self-sufficient. In some situations the court may also order that the spouse providing support purchase insurance, buy an annuity or establish a trust fund that will provide a means of support after their death. 

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is often thought of as physical acts that cause harm or injury to a spouse. In fact, domestic violence includes many different  types of abuse such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse and financial abuse, in addition to physical abuse. It also includes threats of physical violence, harassment and stalking. A person can also be charged with domestic violence if the act was committed against a domestic partner, an ex-spouse, child, elder, boyfriend or girlfriend. Depending on the circumstances of the case, domestic violence can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony.  

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